A.M. Candaras Associates Inc. - Bridgepoint Health

Project Location:  

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Project Description:

A new 600,000 sq. ft. 472 bed hospital is being completed as a DBGM project.  In addition the historic Don Jail will be refurbished into the administration and education centre for the hospital.


The Civil component of this project includes the implementation of stormwater management based on the City of Toronto Wet Weather Flow Management Guidelines, plus the City of Toronto Green Development Standards as well as the LEED requirements for the Civil works.  These works consist of green roofs, oil grit separators, and subsurface storage/infiltration facilities.  In addition there will be the design of new roadways along with new storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains.


Description: IMG_0913.jpg


Project Delivery Type:


Design Build Finance and Maintain

Project Capital Cost:

Original:  $622M

Final:   Under Construction


Project Schedule:

Original start (mo/yr):  10/09

Completed (mo/yr): Under Construction

Estimate Completion: 2013.

Key Challenges and Solutions Implemented:

The project is a redevelopment within an existing urban area thereby requiring the integration of the new Civil services with the existing municipal infrastructure.  The new development will result in additional roadways and parking areas which will result in an increase in impervious surfaces.  In order to comply with the City of Toronto stormwater balance and wet weather management criteria, subsurface infiltration facilities were provided to capture the stormwater runoff and allow it to infiltrate into the native soils.